TK Audio TK-lizer 500 Baxandall EQ

TK Audio Tk-lizer 500

TK Audio Tk-lizer 500
TK Audio Tk-lizer 500

The TK Audio Tk-lizer 500 is a “baxandall style” EQ designed by Swedish manufacturer TK Audio, named after founder Thomas “TK” Kristiansson. All of TK’s products are 100% designed and handcrafted in Sweden with high quality components. In addition to being one of the few EQ’s that has Baxandall styled circuits, other popular Baxandall EQ’s being the Dangerous Music Bax EQ and the Heritage Audio 73EQ JR, it is one of the only 500 series stereo EQ that offers M/S processing.

The Baxandall circuit was first invented by Peter Baxandall in the 1950’s and used in hi-fi stereo systems. It offers a more natural—yet musical—sound due to the broad and gentle EQ curves.

I use the TK Audio Tk-lizer 500 to accomplish a number of tasks, including: broad-stroke EQ adjustments, harmonic sweetening, and to more clinically address issues that can be addressed through M/S EQ. This includes tightening the kick and bass frequencies by applying a HPF on the sides, focusing vocals that are too washed in reverb, and (if necessary) subtly adjusting the mid/side gain balance on mixes that are too wide or too narrow. To see my the rest of my gear, click here.

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