TK Audio BC501 Compressor

TK Audio BC501 Compressor 500 series unit. Chase Morledge Mastering.
TK Audio BC501 Compressor

The TK Audio BC501 Compressor is an SSL-inspired stereo bus compressor designed by Swedish manufacturer TK Audio, named after founder Thomas “TK” Kristiansson. All of TK’s products are 100% designed and handcrafted in Sweden with high quality components. The BC501 ahas some great modern features, namely the wet/dry knob, many ratio settings, HPF, and the THD button, which adds more even order (musical) harmonics to the signal.

The BC501 acts as “magic glue,” giving each mix element weight and presence while improving the entire mix’s coherence. It can be incredibly transparent or, with the THD engaged, can impart subtle character and richness.

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